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Robin Wiman

Business Development & Online Marketing

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Business developer and online marketer. I’ve built businesses myself, built them for others. Run PPC campaigns with documented ROI of over 300% consistently. Built data-driven decision processes. Throughout my experience, you will find the knowledge of business development, revenue and profit growth, digital marketing as well as entrepreneurship.

I’ve built websites and ranking them #1 in SERP’s as well as built better performances for BI-systems.

I have strong knowledge of E-Commerce & Service business development.

But let’s get real – I’m practical. I base my decisions on data and prior experience, then I take action. It’s not practical to build a business on old beliefs or gut feelings (although intuition is important) but you need a data-driven action plan and then act accordingly.

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PPC & Advertising

Search Marketing: SEO & PPC

Streaming (YouTube & Twitch)

Email Marketing, Design & Copy

Social Media (Paid & Organic)

Website Design & Development

Conversion Rate Optimization

Copywriting (Ad, Web, & Product)

Content Strategy & Execution

Business Development

BI System Development (QlikView)


Financial Analysis

Data-Driven Research

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